Dance in Sketch: Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers open studio


Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers Open Rehearsals series is taking place now as they prepare for Faith Project, to be performed at the Prince Theater March 22, 23, and 24, 2018.


I was at the Chi Movement Arts Center last week, February 24. The dance artist’s studio was a place to loose any kind of anxiety and turn away these ill beliefs. The dance artists form new relationships with a dialogue with how the body works, but also with who we identify ourselves with, inside and out. The question of belief in the mysterious world is finding ourselves behind the faces and actions of our bodies. The KYL/Dancers find rhythms where faith appears and reappears when it has been lost.


Faith Project with multimedia designer Jared Mezzocchi explored the possibilities of live camera projections in order to complete the environment that the bodies imply. The process seems improvised, and the projections show up through layers of filters interactive in real time. Mezzocchi’s background in DJing has lead to an interesting texture that he has created by capturing the motion and responding to it with visual effects. The immediacy of cause and effect action on stage and in the set is another perspective for viewing the mysteries of our belief.


There are emotions that become more real as we follow the dance artists and try to delve into the patterns of the composition. The mixing of these moments bends our awareness of what is happening on stage, and what is reality. So, when the video is showing an aerial view, and we see the height x depth of the space, it may appear empty or full of what we imagined it to be from our own beliefs. That is, maybe reality is what we make it to be in the end.


The philosophy and perpetual motion that occurs is expressed by a wholeness activated by the dancers. The content of the Faith Project Open Rehearsals shared the process of leading ourselves to believe in a second chance. Many emotions from the dance artists mixes with our own experiences in reality and naturally we create our own self portrait. The philosophy of self in the individual is carried by a community, and KYL/Dancer’s practice to see and be seen in this particular way.

Faith Project/The Door will run March 22-24, 2018, at the Prince Theater,

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