[NYC] Dance in Sketch: I WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU DIE (Alessandro Sciarroni at the Crossing the Line Festival)

The French Institute Alliance Francais shows a strong cultural awareness. The Crossing the Line Festival presented by FIAF in New York brings artists from around the world to broaden our perspective. These artists form a connection between different mediums, language, and placement. This platform covers the meaning of a fringe and the FIAF further explores the french speaking culture.  After last year’s 2016 Fringe Festival in Philadelphia Romeo Castellucci drew ties for me between the Fringe Festival and the Crossing the Line Festival in New York. Both platforms are explicating indefinite boundaries between dance, theater, and visual art which causes people to remove any discrimination.


I had the chance to sit behind Alessandro Sciarroni at La Mama last Friday September 29. This juggling act was designed to reposition dancers under bright lights and heavy shadows, and the struggle of individuality. The sound reminded us of a thunderstorm, the pins thrown into the air made me think of bombs, and the constant ever so slightly shift in composition click like clockwork.
The dancers notice each other and stand apart from one another. Their facing the audience or looking up above where these energetic pins extend from their core. The sweat and endurance is competitively or flirtatiously present, but the pins are constantly moving into a void.
The circus dance in a gallery setting, a white wall, and a live DJ interact with the open air of the theater. At first, they stand there armed with pins in hand still, and not moving. We are forced to make a recognition with the four dancers. The lights change how they appear, and the mood contradicts with the music. The sound of a pin drop is repeating and charged with sirens at each throw, and sets up a new mode of communication between jugglers, people, dancers, institutions, or countries The dance ends with multi colored shadows on the back wall which establishes four towers as manifestations created by juggling new heights.

[La MaMa, Ellen Stewart Theatre, 66 East 4th Street, NYC] Septermber 28-30. 2017; crossingthelinefestival.org/2017/events/untitled-i-will-be-there

The 2017 FIAF Crossing The Line Festival runs September 6-October 15, 2017; crossingthelinefestival.org


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