WHICH REMINDS ME (Act II): 60-second review

WhichRemindsMeProductionPhotoTony Braithwaite did it again with another original show. WHICH REMINDS ME is a mainly one-man variety piece that lets the audience in to the secret backstage world of theater. Tony is hilarious as he describes the world of theater and his experiences divulging unapologetic memoirs with comedy, impressions, stories, music, and outtakes. He fondly shares some of his worst punch-in-the-gut reviews and reminisces about some of his own stellar mess-ups. The audience also gets to hear stories from other actors on video about mishaps, misadventures, and miscues.

The set takes you backstage as Tony shows the world that to laugh at yourself and others makes for a good show. He and his accomplices – musical accompaniment (Dan Matarazzo) and stage assistance – shower the audience with an evening of honest, raw storytelling and laughter. Tongue-n-cheek humor is back and ready for the next show. Head out to ACT II playhouse for WHICH REMINDS ME,

[Act II, Ambler, PA]. August 29-October 1, 2017act2.org.


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