#IAMMADEOFSTARS (Almanac): Artistes of the floating world

almanac-iammadeofstars-reviewAlmanac Dance Circus Theatre provides a thrilling twist on traditional movement narratives, weaving acrobatics with story to create a movement response unlike any other. Their latest work, #IAMMADEOFSTARS, combines the complex questions of humanity, (such as ‘Why am I here?’) with the natural improvisation life requires, and expresses it physically alongside a healthy dose of humor.

In the intimate black box of Good Good Comedy Theatre a scene tenderly begins taking place as we took our seats. As dramatic music starts to play, a rude audience member distractingly attempts to locate an imaginary object with a very loud, very crinkly plastic bag. The hesitant chuckles grow to confidant laughs as the obnoxious guest becomes recognizable as a performer, introducing questions of seriousness and ridiculousness into the performance.

In this hour-long piece the avenues of improvisation are explored in multiple mediums; voice, movement, acrobatics, partnering, all as means to connect meaningful narrative into the magnificent abilities of the group. As Almanac continues to explore the complexities of existence through physicality, we as an audiencehave the opportunity to enter this limitless space of creativity. The beauty of improvisation is the beauty of the unknown, and as Almanac speaks possibility into existence, the audience is speaking with them. We are made of stars!
[Good Good Comedy Theatre] April 6-8, 2017 https://www.thealmanac.us/

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