Shhh… tell no one, invite everyone: Almanac Dance Circus Theater has a secret show

the-fleecing-almanac-dance-circus-theaterDid you know you were a member of a secret religious cult? You are, and a meeting has been called to elect a new leader after your previous one, the Bumblefish, passed on in mysterious circumstances. Eight “Devotees” are vying to become the next Bumblefish through circus, prognostication, feats of strength and other impossible tasks, judged by the acolytes (you and your fellow audience members).

It’s a secret, so tell no one and invite everyone to Almanac Dance Circus Theater’s THE FLEECING, December 8-9, 2016, at the Power Plant. A performance art prompt takes some control and decision making out of the hands of the performers and places it with the audience. What happens when we place talismans on the altars in front of the eight performers? What are the mechanisms that choose the new leader? What drinks can I get at the bar?

THE FLEECING is a mischievous and fun holiday, in a not-typical holiday way. [Power Plant, 233 N. Bread Street] December 8-9, 2016;

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