Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Katherine Perry returns with SEX TALK election special

Katherine Perry would like to talk about sex, or at least her character Brooke Spitz (but she swallows) would. After several SoLow Fest runs, Brooke returns this Sunday for one night only election special with her off-again lover Sheldon (Connor McAndrews).

Directed and designed by Shamus Hunter McCarty, SEX TALK once again turns musical theater tropes into sing-song gropes that will touch you in places only your partner—or favorite presidential candidate—should. [Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine Street] November 6, 2016; sextalkcabaret.brownpapertickets.com.

sex-on-stage-nasty-womanPhindie: Sex talk? That’s like locker room talk, right?

Katherine Perry: Well, Brooke has frequently grabbed crotch among a gaggle of gentlemen. She always makes sure to get consent, however. SEX TALK is an ongoing, immersive, feminist, sex-positive, sometimes cabaret, sometimes lesson, sometimes social experiment show starring the one and only Brooke Spitz.

Phindie: How did the show come about?

Katherine Perry: The show was developed in the spring of 2015 for the SoLow Festival, and featured Brooke Spitz invading a sex ed course at Elsewhere Community College. Shout out for Jennifer MacMillan for her help and inspiration! A few months before SoLow this year I got the spark to bring Brooke back, and began collaborating with Shamus Hunter McCarty on SEX TALK (campfire). Brooke led a sexual harassment retreat for Elsewhere Incorporated and the SEX TALK series was ignited (see what I did there?).

Now Brooke is joined by her on-again off-again lover Sheldon Blanks for SEX TALK (cabaret)! Set in the beautiful Da Vinci Art Alliance gallery Brooke and Sheldon will share their collective wisdom on relationships, and take the audience on a journey through the history of America’s only true art form… contemporary musical theater.

Phindie: Who will enjoy the show?

Katherine Perry: Anybody. People who like musical theater. People who like sex. People who don’t like musical theater. People who are squeamish about sex. If you enjoy laughing then I promise you, you’ll keep cumming again and again.

Phindie: What’s your favorite sex conversation topic?

Katherine Perry: Sex please. I’m a bit more reserved than Brooke when it comes to the topic of sex: Brooke could talk about it all day long to anyone and everyone. I think it’s important to discover what makes you feel good, get in touch with what you need, so that in turn you can be there to help make your partner feel good.

Phindie: What does Sex Talk talk about that people don’t when they talk about sex?

Katherine Perry: Brooke embraces all the weird that comes along with sex, the sights and sounds and smells. She celebrates every part of her body and wants everyone to do the same. Because the show is ever evolving, Brooke is able to tackle current issues. She’s written a song in the spirit of election season: “There’s No Worse Thing You Could Do”.

Phindie: During, talk or no talk?

Katherine Perry: Talk! Sing! Recite the entire opening to Hamilton! Communication is key in any situation.

Phindie: Thanks Katherine!

[Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine Street] November 6, 2016; sextalkcabaret.brownpapertickets.com.

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