Making Philadelphia Theater Great Again: Ken Brady’s THE LETTER H

Ken Brady

What will future theatermakers and scriptwriters make of Donald Trump and his campaign. (God, please let it be a losing one! Did we need to say Phindie endorses the fuck out of Hillary?!) Haddonfield, New Jersey native Ken Brady, a writer, director, and performer, is on the front line of historical interpretation with his one-man show, THE LETTER H, at the University City Arts League for a FREE one-night performance November 6, 2016, at 7 pm.

“THE LETTER H is a raw, unfiltered tale of American history and family which unearths the deep roots of the hate fueling Trump’s campaign,” Brady says of his work. “It must be seen before the November election. We want to inspire voters nationwide and we’re bringing this show to battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia. We have the power to change history.”

Much of the play is set in suburban Philadelphia, but Brady has performed the act throughout New York City, and has taken the show on the road, often times “popping up” unannounced at small bars, community centers, and rec halls.  The November 6 performance marks the work’s Philadelphia premiere.

According to MASE TV, “the style is at times incendiary and always straightforward,” which sounds a but like the Donald. “Yet, surprisingly the feel is also warm and sometimes absurdly funny.” Which doesn’t.

[University City Arts League, 4226 Spruce Street] November 6, 2016;

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