THE DIVINE SISTER (BCP): This play’s a blessing

Photo courtesy David Rodgers
Photo courtesy David Rodgers

The beautiful, historic Bucks County Playhouse presents Charles Busch’s highly acclaimed THE DIVINE SISTER.    Charles Busch is renown for his unique works including“Vampire Lesbians of Sodom”, “Die Mommie Die”, and Tony Award nominated “The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife”. The DIVINE SISTER features most of the original cast from the wildly successful New York production that blends the moments of the many famous “nun movies” of Hollywood.

St. Veronica’s in Pittsburgh is in desperate need of funding to build a new school. As they work to secure funding for the project, they deal with their own issues -“healing” postulate Agnes (Erin Maguire), curiously odd and accented Sister Walburga (Alison Fraser), and wanting Sister Acacia(Julie Halston). They approach local socialite Mrs. Levinson (Jennifer Van Dyck) for a donation who quickly denies their request.The ends begin to unravel as Mrs. Levinson’s recent house guest Jeremy (Jonathan Walker) reveals that he has known Mother Superior for quite some time. As the truth begins to uncover itself, the characters realize they have much stronger ties to St. Veronica’s than they imagined.

Director Carl Andress makes his BCP debut. The original director from DIVINE SISTER has an impressive resume and did not disappoint; the audience enjoyed the mastery of Busch’s female impersonation and kept them laughing throughout the show. Most importantly, the cast and crew were clearly having fun and enjoyed working together – there is nothing more powerful than a genuine group to spread the joy to the audience.

Grab some Holy Water at the bar and get some grub! DIVINE SISTER, [Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA].July 22–August 13, 2016;

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