Philly’s Kinda Cool: Episode 2

What kinda cool? Philly’s Kinda Cool.

Episode two of this Philly-focused podcast features Sebastian Cummings, Christopher Munden, and Judith Hagans, talking about the new soda tax, sneaking into the Philly “high line”, and those Philly things which everyone seems to love but you hate. Plus: interview with former Philly Weekly music writer and current superstar karaoke host Sara Sherr; local music by Kate Nyx, Joie KathosAdrien Reju, Shemekia Copeland, and Ween,

Intro: 00:00 – 06:42
Music – Kate Nyx: 06:43-09:35
Butt Dial: 09:36-11:25
Soda Tax: 11:26-17:08
Music – Joie Kathos: 17:09-20:44
Butt Dial: 20:45-22:40
Interview – Sara Sherr: 22:41-28:40
Music – Adrien Reju: 28:41-32:05
Butt Dial: 32:06 -33:30
Continued – Sara Sherr: 33:31-39:31
Music – Shemekia Copeland: 39:32-43:45
Philly Things You Hate: 43:46-52:20
4th of July: 52:21-56:33
Music – Ween: 56:34

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