RETROACT (Tangle): 60-second review

tangle-movement-ars-retroactYet another thrilling and charming performance by Tangle Movement Arts, RETROACT is a remix of the most exciting moments since the company’s foundation in 2011. Each repertoire shows outstanding techniques of circus art on a hoop, a trapeze, or aerial silks. But the performance is not only about technique—the performers shake the viewer’s heart through expressive dances that reveal individual character and share raw and real emotions.

While the eleven short pieces are equally exciting and charming, “Etude of Left Hand” by Megan Gendell amazes with delicate balances and intense techniques managed without using her left hand. In “Old Friend”, Lee Thompson takes our breath away through such dynamic and heart-throbbing acrobatics as balancing herself in the air with only one point of her neck to hold onto an aerial hoop.

The intimate and cozy setting of Christ Church Neighborhood House lets the performers and the viewers communicate and feel closely linked. [Neighborhood House,20 N. American Street] March 17-19, 2016;

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