A GALAXY UNCHERISHED (House of Solitude): 60-second review

a-galaxy-uncherishedWanda (Caitlin Weigel) and Duke (Daniel Corkery) were given a plot of land on the moon as a wedding gift back when they were married in the third grade. Set on their spaceship as they travel to their small-holding, A GALAXY UNCHERISHED showcases the comedic talents of its entire cast. There are gags aplenty, and just about all of them hit their mark.

Wanda and Duke are joined aboard the spaceship by a host of characters. Wanda’s younger brother has a phobia of the tangible and a collection of arm hairs that he keeps in his pants. There’s Archie (Harry Watermeier), whose sole job on the spaceship is to press all the buttons aboard to make sure all the buttons aboard are able to be pressed. And, in the play’s best gag, the playwright himself makes numerous appearances to provide overwrought exposition and sound effects, as needed. True to its billing as a sketch comedy show, the plot is really more of a premise, but the show is relentlessly funny and doesn’t overstay its welcome, making for a brisk, entertaining hour.
[Playground at the Adrienne, 2030 Sansom Street] March 10-11, 2016; yapsody.com/houseofsolitude

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