I Know Something I Can’t Tell: Phoebe Schaub Has a SECRET SHOW at the Painted Bride

2. Painted Bride mosaic (1)March 8 marks the last installment of the Painted Bride Art Center’s 2015-16 SECRET SHOW SERIES. This month’s hour-long performance-based multimedia installation is curated by Phoebe Schaub of Found Theater Company, so it promises to be a revelation. But, as indicated by the title, the audience won’t find out the theme or details until they’re in their seats and the lights go down at 7 pm.

The upcoming event marks Schaub’s fifth project at the Painted Bride (where she serves as a member of its front-of-house staff) and is presented in conjunction with Found colleague Joe Wozniak. Known for their intelligent and evocative style, the artists’ past work with Found has numbered among the highlights of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival each year. With haunting sound, striking imagery, and well-researched historical references, they are sure to create an affecting dreamscape that will transport gallery-goers to an alternate state of consciousness, as they always do.

Phoebe Schaub (Photo credit: Tommy Butler)
Phoebe Schaub (Photo credit: Tommy Butler)

Previous artists/curators in the series have included Christina May, Cara Blouin, Jen Cleary, and Michael Durkin, and their subjects have run the gamut from building communities by sharing secrets, to a feminist clown show, from a live improvisational performance linked to technology, to a sound/noise experiment. According to Wozniak, the concept for this latest piece is “something that all people will be able to connect with,” so if you like surprises with a universal impact, this is the show for you!

[Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine St.] March 8, 2016; paintedbride.org.

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