Phindie in 2015: The most popular articles of the last twelve months

In 2015, Phindie published over 550 pieces on local theater, dance, and other arts. As the year comes to a close we look back at the articles which you liked the most. Here are the top ten most-read articles of 2015 in various categories.


Overall impressions

In the last twelve months, Phindie received about 250,000 views from tens of thousands of readers, but not every article got equal interest. Here were the top ten, measured by that gold standard of internet statistics: impressions:


Phindie is known for its in-depth coverage of Philadelphia theater and arts. Thoughtful features on local performing arts formed the backbone of Phindie’s most popular content in 2015.

Theater Reviews

A Fringe review of Brian Feldmans DISHWASHER was the most popular review of 2015.
A Fringe review of Brian Feldman’s DISHWASHER was the most popular review of 2015.

Phindie has more than just theater reviews, but it sure has a lot of theater reviews: one of almost every production staged in Philadelphia and many more from the surrounding area. These were the most read in 2015:


Phindie writers interviewed about seventy different creators and performers in 2015, providing insight into Philadelphia performing arts and its practitioners. There were the most read interview subjects of the past twelve months.


Deb Millers review of Brian Sanders' JUNK's American Standard was the most-read dance piece of 2015. Photo by Bill Hebert
Deb Miller’s review of Brian Sanders’ JUNK’s American Standard was the most-read dance piece of 2015. Photo by Bill Hebert

In the past year, Phindie established itself as one of the leading venues in Philadelphia for dance coverage, with 100 articles covering various aspects of movement arts. These are the ones you liked most:


Phindie continues to expand coverage into new aspects of performance and art in Philadelphia. Here were the most read music-related pieces.


All of the above categories contain only articles published in 2015, but writing lives forever on the internet (or, for like a decade, maybe, until a company goes bust or a domain dies). These are the Phindie articles published from 2009-2014 that have endured in popularity in the last twelve months.

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