PIFA 2018 in Sketch: MY ORGAN MY SEOUL


Ambiguous Dance Company collaborated with organist Ahreum Han to create an interdisciplinary show. The Fred J. Cooper Organ initiative at The Kimmel Center is looking for new and innovative ways for utilizing the 7,000 organ pipes housed in the Verizon Hall. The first dance was rolling out every sign of an action packed story character from gun clicking drama to Alien Verses Predator.


The five dance artists in continuous movement maintained a level of energy that developed into a frequency of bodies in space. It slowly worked out in the beginning with repetitive character dance. The naked body, organ pipes, and instantaneous humor of the group pointed fun at the weird normative standard on a global perspective. From pop, house, and opera music the dancers drew inspiration from the concept: the body is an instrument. One of the dancers created an explosion by taping the floor with his whole body. The sound effect was in a delayed fashion, and it translated the novel effect of seeing a gun shot on stage. Gawking at a person aware of his nakedness stuck out from the rest. The common trope of covering up our private section to our body emphasized privacy in general, but on a human level it is a sign for gender. The dance revealed a natural beauty in the bodies motion that clothing can hide.


Many genres and a physical blending of aesthetics switch the mode of formalities by dancers exposing their bare chest and brief underwear for a colorful use of the body with stage lights. Humiliation was designated to a single pose that covered the groin and it was a showstopper that sometimes imitated Michael Jackson’s unforgettable talent. While explosive action for each dancer’s entrance onto the stage, and exit off the stage recreated musical note into “human rhythm”. The Ambiguous Dance Company from Seoul, Korea performed to reinforce the capabilities of the Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ. The quality of athleticism inspired by high fashion, gender, and industrial revolutions around the world gained momentum which addressed modernization. The dance artists transformed the set through dance, and ambience captured the versatility of organist, Ahreum Han.


PIFA: May 31-June 10, 2018; kimmelcenter.org/events-and-tickets/201718/pifa/pifa-2018/

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