THE VERTICAL HOUR (Lantern): Still means something

David Hare has the uncanny knack of being able to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

CHESS: THE MUSICAL (11th Hour): Cold War on the board

The precision and sense of drama makes you almost forget this is a concert and not a fully staged production.

Enjoy Winter with These Top Things to Do in Philadelphia

The first months of 2020 come with full of amazing things to do in Philadelphia.

THE BAND’S VISIT (National tour at Academy of Music): Lost in transit

The musicians are terrific and there are some sweet moments, but too much is lost

Aiming to Change: In CANDLES, a teenaged playwright tackles gun violence

A professional production of a prizewinning student-written play

A Film Classic Returns to Stage: Director Noel Hanley on THE PHILADELPHIA STORY

An upcoming production at Allens Lane Theater returns the play to the stage, giving audiences a new opportunity to revisit the still-contemporary comedy.

Mike Cefalo’s Visit: PA native returns with Broadway tour of THE BAND’S VISIT

Pittsburgh native Mike Cefalo is making his way across the country with a band of lost musicians.

Why Electronic Security Systems Are Important for Your Business

Electronic security systems help businesses to maintain a safe working environment and protect their assets.

Philadelphia theater calendar

Philadelphia Theater Calendar January 2020

Which plays are onstage in Philadelphia in January?

Remembering Philadelphia’s Beloved Broadway Star: Ann Crumb, the down-to-earth diva from Media

Media Theatre hosts a memorial service for Ann Crumb, December 29

Year in Review: Phindie’s most-read articles of 2019

The most popular articles of the last year.

GINTRY (Die-Cast Productions): Gentrification with a twist

At Whitey’s bar, gentrification and poetry are on the menu.

CATS (dir. Tom Hooper): A sin against theater, film, cats, and humanity

Maybe one day I’ll be able to scrape its rancid essence from my memory entirely. 

THE SNOW QUEEN (Arden Children’s Theatre): Not a sugar-coated fairy tale

“In the realm of the unknown, kids and adults have pretty much the same needs: courage, resilience, protection.” 

Holidaze Season: Cirque Dreams founder Neil Goldberg talks about the seasonal show

Neil Goldberg is spreading holiday cheer one city at a time with his stage extravaganza Cirque Dreams Holidaze.

Natalia Kazaryan at the APS: Champion pianist champions undervalued composers

The three gems sound quite modern more than 100 years after they were written.

Comedy in Sketch: Dom Irrera and Eleanor J. Kerrigan at Helium

A Thanksgiving show is packed with all the reasons why we choose to live in Philadelphia.

TYDINGS TREW (Piffaro): Shining with warmth and light

Is it anachronistic to seek out Renaissance music in this age of cybernetics?

George Balanchine’s THE NUTCRACKER (PA Ballet): Much more than a holiday tradition

A brilliant NUTCRACKER shows the company’s heightened artistry.