They Call Me Arethusa

The Conversation Starter: A Fringe show, a reviewer’s word choice, and why it’s good to talk

Conversations are not always comfortable, but when Colie McClellan had an issue with a Phindie review, she decided to start one.

THEY CALL ME ARETHUSA (Colie McClellan & Mark Kennedy): Fringe Review 10

In THEY CALL ME ARETHUSA, Southern-tinged Greek myths tie together documentary theater-style interviews reminiscent of Anna Deavere Smith’s one-woman shows.

Colie McClellan They Call Me Arethusa

Fringe interview with Colie McClellan of THEY CALL ME ARETHUSA

Phindie spoke to Colie McClellan about her Fringe show THEY CALL ME ARETHUSA, a story of intimate partner violence interweaved with Greek mythology and Southern folklore.