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This is Not a Theater Fringe review

[28.2] THIS IS NOT A THEATER (Navin Rawanchaikul, Navin Production): Fringe review

You know those commercials at the movies that play for fifteen minutes before the trailers? You don’t want them, you don’t care about them, but you accept them as part…

The Living Newspaper Liz Magic Laser 2013 Philadelphia Fringe review photo

[30] THE LIVING NEWSPAPER (Liz Magic Laser): Fringe review

Given that you have to sit suffering through the disgraceful This is Not a Theater, it’s almost irrelevant to review¬†THE LIVING NEWSPAPER, but NEWSPAPER is at least a “show” (read…

2014 Fringe Festival Philadelphia

Fringe Preview 9: Center City Fringe

There’s still a cachet and a natural audience draw when a work is staged in the center of town, and that’s still where most of the theaters in town are…