Kellie Cooper


YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU (Allens Lane): Zany homespun fun

A visit with the eccentric Sycamore family is always a warm adventure in zaniness


THE DIVORCEES CLUB (Penns Landing Playhouse): Le divorce, c’est dommage

Alil Vardar’s THE DIVORCEES CLUB, a comedy from France, has crossed the Atlantic for its USA premiere at Penns Landing Playhouse.

Gayze: A Real Life Webseries. Fringe review 2013

[22] GAYZE: A REAL LIVE WEBSERIES (MJ/JT): Fringe review

GAYZE: A REAL LIVE WEBSERIES is rough around the edges, without a doubt. The cast aims for the cartoonish a lot of the time, and the show lays on rather…