Kellie Cooper

A Welcome to the International Artists at the 2019 Fringe Festival

Henrik Eger greets international Fringe artists.

THE MOST DESERVING (Allens Lane): Art-iface at it’s funniest!

Catherine Trieschmann’s THE MOST DESERVING is an all out cuckoo cultural clash, insanely hilarious as performed at Allens Lane

YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU (Allens Lane): Zany homespun fun

A visit with the eccentric Sycamore family is always a warm adventure in zaniness

THE DIVORCEES CLUB (Penns Landing Playhouse): Le divorce, c’est dommage

Alil Vardar’s THE DIVORCEES CLUB, a comedy from France, has crossed the Atlantic for its USA premiere at Penns Landing Playhouse.

Gayze: A Real Life Webseries. Fringe review 2013

[22] GAYZE: A REAL LIVE WEBSERIES (MJ/JT): Fringe review

GAYZE: A REAL LIVE WEBSERIES is rough around the edges, without a doubt. The cast aims for the cartoonish a lot of the time, and the show lays on rather…