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A Change of Harp, Bowerbird, 14 SEQUENZAS

14 SEQUENZAS (A Change of Harp and Bowerbird): Fringe Review 66

Each of the daring and demanding 14 SEQUENZAS features virtuoso musicians and masterful performances.

Frank Ermilio and Jessica Orsini star in Thespionage's inaugural production.

UPPER MIDDLE CLASS WHITE (Thespionage): A DIY romcom

Thespionage Theater Company trumpets itself as a ‘pay what you can’ theater company; every ticket is priced by the audience member, and every dollar made is put into the budget for the next show. It’s an interesting new approach to small-theater funding in an age where the little guys are increasingly struggling against larger marketing machines, dwindling grant money, and thinly spread audiences of theatergoers.

Kalied, GLOW, ensemble, phto Valerie Giacobbe

[63] GLOW (Kaleid Theatre): Fringe review

Though we’re all connected 24/7 via cell phones, Facebook, email, texting, and blogging, there is a human disconnect in our current state of existence, in our need to validate ourselves…


[11] THE MOMENTUM (Collaboration Town): Fringe review

“This morning I woke up in the spinning hole of momentum,” begins Geoffrey Decas O’Donnell as a self-help devotee in CTown’s THE MOMENTUM, “riding momentum… like a dolphin that just…