Doug Cashell

Marissa Wolf in 26 PEBBLES.

26 PEBBLES (Allen’s Lane): People power

A play which powerfully purveys distinct, upfront viewpoints and perceptions unlike any other medium.


CAT-A-STROPHE (Fail Better): Looking for a new carpet

Albert Camus once said, “Although the absurd teaches us nothing, it is an ultimate form of progress.”

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY at People’s Light features Claire Inie-Richards and Sam Ashdown (Photo credit: Mark Garvin)

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY (People’s Light): An epic production of an Austen classic

A brilliant new stage adaptation of Jane Austen’s romantic comedy of manners captures the satiric wit and sociological insight of the 19th-century classic.

The Submission 1

THE SUBMISSION (Quince): Things we dare not even think about

THE SUBMISSION revels in its unique brand of pot stirring, inflammatory, back and forth that has the characters talk openly and passionately about things most people seem reluctant to even think of—racism and homophobia.


KISS ME, KATE (Renaissance Music Theatre): Tom, Dick, or Harry would all call this a flop

KISS ME, KATE should bring comedy, heart, big production numbers, and a classic big finale. But Renaissance Music Theatre’s production is a few weeks of rehearsal away from capturing the…


BENT (Truth Be Told Productions): Fringe Review 43

Truth Be Told Productions BENT isn’t innovative, but it is a quality production of a culturally significant play.