Anna Frangiosa


You’re not in Kansas anymore: Photos from The Cabaret Administration’s OF OZ

Following its traditional adaptations of The Nutcracker and Frankenstein, The Cabaret Administrion undresses Frank Baum’s children’s classic in a spectacle of ballet and burlesque. Director Anna Frangiosa and choreographer Christine…


AMERICAN FAIRY TALES (Walking Fish): Riotous fairy tales at Walking Fish

AMERICAN FAIRY TALES is a kids’ show, adapted by co-artistic director Stan Heleva from L. Frank Baum’s short stories with a generous amount of modernization and localization. This is fast and messy theater making, thriving on audience involvement. The story doesn’t matter as much as the laughs, and the more we shouted along, and the more sassy little Benjamin in the front row jeered and challenged the actors, the more engaged they, and we, became.