FORE-IGN/ FORE-OUT (Carbonell, Chisena, Gavino, McKenzie): 2016 Fringe review 84


Photo by Blue Chemical Photography.

Excerpted by kind permission from thINKingDANCE.

In FORE-IGN/ FORE-OUT, four choreographers explore states of liminality—of how to be between things. In Matriz, Evalina Carbonell uses a stage-spanning black banner and fluid yet precise movement to paint the space her cast of five women inhabit… Weiwei Ma and Asya Zlatina mesmerize in a duet, their nuanced understanding of weight and gravity transforming their earthbound movements into a type of flight.

Nikolai McKenzie choreographed and performed Boy, a physicalized monologue with text taken from Ken Baumann’s debut novel Solip…. Melissa Chisena has two remarkable pieces on the program, Entangle—a duet created in collaboration with Marie Brown, and Breath—a work choreographed to an original breath score performed live by Katonya Mosley with percussion by Jonathan Cannon..,. The program ends with Annielille Gavino-Kollman’s La Migra, Let’s Run, an at-times quite literal exploration of themes surrounding immigration. Read the full review on thINKingDANCE >>>

Fore-ign/Fore-out, choreographers Carbonell, McKenzie, Chisena, and Gavino-Kollman, Chi Movement Arts Center, Sept. 16 and 17.

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