Fringe reviews

Reviews of theater and performing arts events in the 2013 Philly Fringe Festival. Phindie is providing more critical coverage of the festival than any other publication in Philadelphia.

Phindie's Official Fringe Bike Tour

The Fringe in nine and a half hours: the Phindie Fringe Bike Tour Diaries (part two)

Nine point five hours, five pieces of theater, ten bicyclists, and no great plan on how we’re gonna eat: that was the format for day two of PHINDIE’S OFFICIAL FRINGE BIKE TOUR.


DOUBLE BATMAN (Frank Perri): Fringe Review 87

Frank Perri’s DOUBLE BATMAN is a powerful monologue of loss, withdrawal, and reemergence basically explaining why he is doing a powerful monologue of loss, withdrawal, and reemergence.


LOVERTITS (Annie Wilson): Fringe review 86

The topic of Annie Wilson’s LOVERTITS is the female body. But the bodies are at turns irreverent, nonchalant, non-sexualized.


POE-A-THON (Night Hawks): Fringe Review 85

“Hammy, I said—a bit of a ham.” that’s how a character in POE-A-THON describes Edgar Allan Poe, speaking volumes about the approach taken by Night Hawks.


SPLICE (Leah Stein Dance Company): Fringe Review 84

In SPLICE, a single flat wave of board whoops its way through the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, which consists of about four rooms, vaguely defined by false walls.


WOMEN UN PLUGGED (Dretwin Productions): Fringe Review 83

WOMEN UN PLUGGED is about women and what they say to each other when they think no one is looking.


BROKEN PEOPLE (David DelBianco): Fringe Review 82

There is quite a lot of yelling in BROKEN PEOPLE, the new show by local actor and playwright David DelBianco.

One of the last shows at the Shubin: Emily Schuman's Fringe show Fando y Lis.

FANDO Y LIS (Emily Schuman): Fringe Review 81

Fernando Arrabal’s FANDO Y LIS stands as an exemplar of mid-20th century modernism, alongside other practitioners of the Theater of the Absurd.


IN THE PONY PALACE/ FOOTBALL (Half Saddle): Fringe Review 80

With dialogue like “I thought this player was a golden unicorn in the last game” the presentation is recognizable, but slightly askew, and ten times more fun


100% PHILADELPHIA (Rimini Protokoll): Fringe Review 79

Statistics tell us about our city, but the story is fragmentary and incomplete. To fill out the picture, Rimini Protokoll recruited 105 real Philadelphians.

Clay and Tara visit WetlLand

WETLAND (Mary Mattingly): Fringe Review 78

Since the WETLAND exhibit is a free ‘installation’ piece, we visited, filmed, spoke, and voila: a VIDEO blog.


WHAT NARWHALS TALK ABOUT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT LOVE (Grace Mi-He Lee and Leslie Elkins): Fringe Review 77

Grace Mi-He Lee and Leslie Elkins set their work in Lee’s living room of her small home in South Philly in the on-and-off tradition of the Rowhouse Fringe.


#SHAMANICINTERFACES (Group Motion Multi Media Dance Theater): Fringe Review 76

Attempting to embrace “the space between…the familiar and unfamiliar” dancers run rampant through five “interfaces” of movement in #SHAMANICINTERFACES.

resurrection room

RESURRECTION ROOM (Gunnar Montana): Fringe Review 75

At last year’s Fringe Fest, we entered a blood-splattered BASEMENT filled with all the torment of a broken heart. Gunnar Montana brings us into a shiny, neon-galactic RESURRECTION ROOM this year.

Kate Abernethy and Rachel Icenogle rehearsing “Little Red: an improvisation” in FROM OUR LIVING ROOM by Birds on a Wire (Photo credit: Plate 3 Photography)

FROM OUR LIVING ROOM (Birds on a Wire Dance Theatre): Fringe Review 74

FROM OUR LIVING ROOM comprises five original pieces—four duets and one solo—choreographed and performed by the all-female members of the emerging company Birds on a Wire.


MOUNT AIRY HOME COMPANION (Saint Mad): Fringe Review 73

MOUNT AIRY HOME COMPANION borrows more than the title from its public radio namesake, capturing the lovingly corny spirit of Garrison Keillor and company.

Ballet Fleming, AFTER THE SUMMER SUN poster

AFTER THE SUMMER SUN (BalletFleming): Fringe Review 72

Award-winning choreographer and artistic director Christopher Fleming has created a beautiful program of new works to open BalletFleming’s 2014-15 season.


BROKEN ROAD (Joanna McBride): Fringe Review 71

A thought-provoking performance, BROKEN ROAD explores the tension that tears apart families. Choreographer Joanna McBride uses ballet-inspired movement, drawing from her own experience to drive the narrative. Threading together themes…


SKIN IN THE GAME (Foreverlore): Fringe Review 70

Past mistakes haunt the promising futures of three underprivileged high school seniors when a strange benefactoroffers a full scholarship for the winner of a unspecified competition on a remote island.


BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK (Silver Stage Company): Fringe Review 69

As a culture, we are fascinated by celebrities’ elusive personal lives. Silver Stage Company’s BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK questions the responsibility we bestow on Hollywood stars, especially actors…