Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre): What fools these mortals be!

Philly Shakes’ production isn’t afraid to embrace the wonderfully silly and naughty aspects of Shakespeare, and the approach works like a charm.


RASHOMON (Luna): Kurosawa on the stage

Luna’s adaptation of one of the finest films ever made doesn’t dare to change enough to be much more than a translation of Kurosawa’s movie.

Judith Lightfoot Clarke as Lady Macbeth with Ian Merrill Peakes as Macbeth. Photo by Mark Garvin.

MACBETH (Arden): Fast but not furious [critical mass review #2]

Alexander Burns’ production of MACBETH at Arden Theatre Company is energetic and visually engaging, but it lacks ferocity and substance.

Daniel Fredrick, Sabrina Profitt and Buck Schirner in MICKLE STREET. Photo by Mark Garvin.

MICKLE STREET (Walnut): Whitman and Wilde meet and then they talk

Life imitates art far more than art imitates art.

(l-r) Melanie Lawrence, Nastassja Baset, and Danielle Leneé in impatico Theatre Project's MILK LIKE SUGAR. Photo credit: Kathryn Raines.

MILK LIKE SUGAR (Simpatico): Dreams and reality

Everyone wants to feel special. This longing to be acknowledged is at the core of Kirsten Greenidge’s MILK LIKE SUGAR.

Danny Donnelly, Chris Anthony and Anthony Marsala  in SOMETHING  INTANGIBLE.

SOMETHING INTANGIBLE (Stagecrafters): Making Mickey Mouse

The golden age of Hollywood. Bruce Graham certainly knew how to choose a snazzy setting when he wrote SOMETHING INTANGIBLE,

VOICES runs at Plays and Players January 29-31, 2015.

VOICES OF A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES (Plays & Players): This time we have to succeed

VOICES is not just provocative; it is full of infectious hope that this time, united, we really will succeed.


SKIN IN THE GAME (Foreverlore): Fringe Review 70

Past mistakes haunt the promising futures of three underprivileged high school seniors when a strange benefactoroffers a full scholarship for the winner of a unspecified competition on a remote island.


PASSPORT (IshowNY Productions & Yajaira Paredes): Fringe Review 67

PASSPORT shows how not being understood can turn a person into a non-person, who can therefore be subjected to inhumane abuse.


BENT (Truth Be Told Productions): Fringe Review 43

Truth Be Told Productions BENT isn’t innovative, but it is a quality production of a culturally significant play.



A combination of sketch, stand-up and improv comedy, THE WINGMEN PRESENT: THE NEIGHBORHOOD sets out to deliver a lively and fun night for its neighborhood audience.


BROKEN WING (Pantea Prodctions): Fringe Review 29.1

A morally ambiguous and deeply political tale of two cultures clashing when an American photographer comes to stay with a family in rural Iran.