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cpm_3Your faithful publisher, Christopher Munden is so excited to be a part of this project!! Thanks to Mr. Phindie and Mum and Dad!!!! Love to Walter and Gracie and other cats!! An avid theatergoer and a longtime writer and editor, he has read too many bad biographies in play programs. He is the editor/publisher of the Philly Fiction book series, collections of short stories written by local writers and set in Philadelphia; a coach, referee, and board member of the Kensington Soccer Club; and an erstwhile musician. He has written and edited for many respected Philadelphia cultural institutions and businesses, and some less respected.
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Julius Ferraro, Phindie's coolest reviewer

Phindie Theater Editor Julius Ferraro is a freelance writer and blogger in Philadelphia. He believes in the power of theater and art and all that stuff, and that Philly’s stuff is the best stuff. He writes weekly for Philly.com’s Art Attack on those very topics. He has an email here and a blog here. His twitter is @JuliusFresh.
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Phindie podcast co-host John Rosenberg is the founder of Hella Fresh Theater at the Papermill Theater in Kensington, Philadelphia. He has written and directed plays Quando Sei Qui, Se Fossi di Famiglia; Alp d’ Huez; Automatic Fault Isolation; Queen of All Weapons; California Redemption Value; Jericho Road Improvement Association; and Use Both HandsThe Gambling Room, and Hannah, among others.
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josh-mcilvainJosh McIlvain is the artistic director of SmokeyScout Productions which he co-founded in 2008 with Deborah Crocker (to whom he is also married!). As a playwright, he has had more than 115 productions of some 70 plays throughout the U.S., including more than 38 New York City productions. Josh is also the leader of the rock collective Josh McIlvain & The Generals of Sexcop (listen to the hot tracks at sxcp.bandcamp.com!), the editor/publisher of Philly Fiction (collections of short stories set in Philadelphia and written by local writers), and the editor of the FringeArts booklet and blog.
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mrfisherMichael Fisher is an actor, playwright, and musician. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Rosemont College. He lives in New Jersey.
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Kathryn Osenlund, theater and film junkie, is a former National Critics Institute fellow, NEA fellow in Arts Journalism, and member of the American Theater Critics Assn Steinberg and Osborn playwriting awards committee.  A Barrymore Award nominator and professor emeritus in communications and theater, Kathryn also writes for NY-based CurtainUp.com. On twitter @theatrendorphin.

Debra Miller holds a PhD in Art History from the University of Delaware and teaches at Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ. She is a judge for the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre, Philadelphia Arts and Culture Correspondent for Central Voice, and has served as a Commonwealth Speaker for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and President of the Board of Directors of Da Vinci Art Alliance. Her publications include articles, books, and catalogues on Renaissance, Baroque, American, Pre-Columbian, and Contemporary Art, and feature articles on the Philadelphia theater scene.
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Jessica Foley is a Philadelphia actor and writer.  Check out Foleygotcomped.blogspot for more of her theater writing, including links to her articles in Phindie and the City Paper.

JB Farley is a longtime Fringe fanatic and know-it-all. He won Philadelphia Magazine‘s 2012 Best of Philly award for his quizzo hosting skills. Test your wits on Mondays at Strangeloves, Tuesdays at the Locust Bar, and Sundays at Local 44.
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L. Haber is a 2012 winner of the WragsInk poetry contest, an intern for Philebrity.com, keeper of the personal blog lahaland.tumblr.com, and has two poems published in Anthology Philly: Poetry Edition Volume I. She is sorry about listing all the previous credentials, but needs to show how official she is as a young writer, and how ready she is to write more. If you are interested in working with L. Haber, learning her first name, or meeting her Saint Bernard, she can be contacted at lahab5@gmail.com.
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Nicole Forrester grew up memorizing Shakespeare’s sonnets for allowance money, and for years has rigorously attended FringeArts and Philadelphia theater offerings in general. Among activities including aerial acrobatics, event planning, and sketch comedy, she still considers theater, and now review, her favorite method of adventure.
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Lev Feigin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He received his B.A. in English from the Pennsylvania State University and holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the CUNY Graduate Center.  A passionate walker of the city, he wrote his dissertation on the flâneur and the nineteenth-century metropolis.
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While not a dancer himself, Steven Weisz’s love for the arts and dance started as a child growing up in New York City. With parents, who were strong supporters of the arts and part of a community with an incredible array of notable artists in music, dance, theater and fine arts, Weisz’s access and affinity for the performing arts took root. Upon attending college in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania in the mid-70s, Weisz started performing as a puppeteer, magician, juggler and fire eater as a means of supplementing his income. This soon grew in to what became Rainbow Promotions Inc., one of the largest entertainment and special events producers in the region. It was here that he began to promote and book dance for major events throughout the city. Many of the dancers he worked with in the early days of his company are now major choreographers in Philadelphia. At the same time, Weisz’s interest in computers and the early developments of what is now known as the Internet, led him to also start another company, Delaware Valley On Line, which became one of the first regional ISPs. It was this combination of event production, internet development and event marketing that led him to examine the use of the internet as a means to promote the arts. Dance continued to be a major interest for Weisz and in 2005 he founded PhiladelphiaDANCE.org as a major online resource to promote dance in the city. It was soon after that the Dance Journal was also founded as a way to provide an outlet for writing on a range of topics that encompass the ever growing and emerging dance community in the region. Weisz continues to run both PhiladelphiaDANCE and The Dance Journal on purely a voluntary basis with no income derived from any of his projects. He is also the Artistic Director of MM2 Modern Dance Company, an incubator, providing support, space and opportunities for new emerging dance artists, who wish to explore the choreographic process, in order to cultivate and introduce new work to new audiences.

John T. D’Alessandro, “the Grumpy Professor”, is a former professor for Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania and has taught English and theater at universities and high schools in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. He has directed over 20 Broadway musicals in non-professional productions for colleges, high schools and community theater groups.
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maramillerMara Miller is a Philly-based writer/editor . A former Philadelphia Live Arts Festival editorial assistant, she now works for Women Health magazine. Visit theeffecteffect.com to learn more about Mara’s writing.
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