REIMAGINE YOUR REALITY (Frank Perri): 2015 Fringe review 26

reimaginePut aside any assumptions about hypnosis when you enter the stage area of REIMAGINE YOUR REALITY. And then your dignity—local hypnotist Frank Perri is asking for volunteers. Whether you brave the stage, or remain in the embrace of the audience, laughs will ensue, and if a skeptic, a lingering sense of doubt.

Mirroring the large scale comedy hypnosis shows in Las Vegas, Perri lulls volunteers into hypnosis and, throughout the show, incites them to become kung fu masters, return to three years of age, and so on. There are moments in the show that stun. A woman told that upon waking she would only speak Mandarin had what seemed like the tonality of a native. A teenager genuinely appeared to forget the number four. However, much of the antics seemed like peer pressure coaxing the volunteers into silly behavior. Regardless, the hops between amazement, hilarity, and prickles of embarrassment made for a never dull experience. [Skybox at the Adrienne Theater, 2030 Sansom Street] September 3-6, 2015,

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Nicole Forrester

Nicole Forrester grew up memorizing Shakespeare’s sonnets for allowance money, and for years has rigorously attended FringeArts and Philadelphia theater offerings in general. Among activities including aerial acrobatics, event planning, and sketch comedy, she still considers theater, and now review, her favorite method of adventure.