EVERYMAN (Villanova Theatre): 60-second review

everyman-villanova-theatre-reviewIn the Middle Ages, the Church endorsed theatrical depictions of Church teachings to educate a mostly illiterate public. EVERYMAN is only one of five from its time that has survived to today. Villanova Theatr commissioned Mark J. Costello to translate the play from Middle English. Using modern language and the authenticity of rebelliousness in the punk subculture, EVERYMAN comes to life. The musical selections—from classical to questioned—plus the fashionable and imaginative costumes makes this production relevant in our fast-paced culture. Director David Cregan clearly enabled cast and crew to convey the timeless message that we all are more than just flesh.

Everyman (Hallie Martinsen) is a modern young woman, engrossed in technology, spiritually deficient, and constantly seeking leisure.  Her life is suddenly interrupted by a warning from drag-queen Death (Mitchell Bloom) of her impending, premature passing. Estranged from God, Everyman believes she can bargain for more time. Death bestows one gift: to find someone willing to accompany her in death. On this brief but learned journey, she recognizes the true superficiality of her own life and learns the actual extent of loyalty in her relationships. She meets spirits and characters along the way that show life means more than simple existence. She is forced to face that her actions – even more, her inaction – are what means the most in saving her soul on reckoning day. An inspiring and impressive adaptation from the Middle Ages morality play, EVERYMAN is entertaining and thought-provoking. Just like the actors in the 15th century who originally performed this very play, the actors brought to life the truth, uncertainty, and comfort of what lays beyond the grave. ovember 12-24, 2013. villanova.edu/villanova/artsci/theatre.

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