How to Beat the Casino

We’re not sure if there are any gamblers out there who don’t actively want to beat the casino, after all that is pretty much the definition of casino gambling, isn’t it? But here’s the thing: it is easy to want to beat the live casino UK, but actually doing it? Well, that’s a different story entirely, and many gamblers really never get to a point where they can convincingly beat the casino most times they gamble.

And that’s because it is inherently difficult to beat the casino, they simply are not designed to be beaten too often. Think about it: the house needs to win more often than the gamblers, because if it did not the casino wouldn’t actually be able to operate at all. Nonetheless, there are things you can do to help you beat the casino. Read ahead to find out. 

Make sure you know your stuff 

The most important thing you do before you set out to beat the casino sounds pretty simple, but you would not believe the amount of first time gamblers who are simply too confident and overlook it. You need to make sure you know your stuff: have a clear game plan and know the ins and outs of whatever casino game you have chosen to play. 

If you don’t know the rules to an absurdly high degree you are way more likely to lose out on some winning situations, so it makes perfect sense to do some heavy research into your casino game before you jump straight in all guns blaring. 

Blackjack card counting 

This is one of the most famous ways in which gamblers seek to beat the casino, mainly because it is heavily alluded to in several smash hit motion pictures amongst other things. In order to perform Blackjack card counting to the best of your abilities you will need a very good grasp on mathematics, as it can get fairly complicated. 

You are basically trying to count all the values of each card that enters the game, thereby being able to make an accurate guess at what the remaining cards in the deck are. Once you have this information it is very easy to bet at the right times. 

Mix up your betting strategy 

Many gamblers swear by betting strategies such as the Martingale or Labouchre, but the reality is they can often shoot you in the foot more than anything else. Take the Martingale method, for example. If you follow this too strictly and double your bet after each losing round you could potentially end up severely in the red, and you really don’t want that. 

Martingale can be useful in some instances, however, much like the Labouchre. What you really want to do, therefore, is mix all these different strategies up, using them whenever they feel the most needed. If you can get the combination spot on then you will have a wonderful chance of beating the casino, whether its online or in a traditional casino.

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