3 Reasons Why Filmmakers Use CBD

Filmmakers by no means have it easy. If you are in the film industry, it does not mean that it is all about glamorous clothes, lots of expensive alcohol, extravagant parties, and so on. In actuality, most filmmakers are not connected to the infamous Los Angeles lifestyle in any way.

A big majority of filmmakers face a lot of problems on a daily basis. Such things as monetary deficits, extremely short deadlines, long hours, lack of sleep, tremendous amounts of responsibility, among many other things are a constant companion of numerous filmmakers.

You really have to love your job to withstand all of these negative aspects of the job, and even then, you might not be able to hold out and make it as a filmmaker. Luckily, there are some things that alleviate some of the physical and mental stress that filmmakers experience.

CBD is one of the things that successfully fill that role for filmmakers. This beneficial essence extracted from hemp can help in a lot of aspects and help soften the hardships of being a filmmaker. Let us explore how CBD can help filmmakers.

CBD Combats Pain & Inflammation

Filmmakers are the kind of people to participate in every aspect of the movie. This is especially true when the filmmaker is not given too big of a project. You just have to involve yourself in every aspect of filming or your vision will not be realized and the resulting film will be extremely crappy.

In various instances, filmmakers become cameramen, sound technicians and engineers, editors, and so on. This means that all of the health problems that other professions within the film industry pose to workers fall onto the shoulders of the filmmakers too.

During the filming session, you can be filming, capturing sound, running around the set directing actors, and dealing with the technical issues that arise on the set. After the filming is complete, filmmakers tend to agonize over every detail of the movie during the editing phase.

Hours after hours in front of the computer monitors and endlessly going over the same scenes during sleepless nights will immensely strain the eyes and give a lasting migraine to the filmmaker. Although every filmmaker knows that this is very unhealthy, a lot of them still do it, because it is their job.

Luckily, CBD is able to effectively deal and help mitigate the negative side effects on the physiological level. Aching arms, back, and legs are not a problem for CBD. This element inhibits the transmission of electric signals in pain nerves. This means that it significantly diminishes the feeling of pain.

For example, standing for a whole day with a camera in your arms will not result in an aching back anymore. CBD works just as well for inflammation, meaning the strained eyes will feel a wave of relief after intaking CBD. Of course, CBD works with migraines too, because it is the same electric signals.

Additionally, CBD is a completely natural product, and it is not an opioid. So, you cannot get hooked on it like you can with other opioid drugs. According to the New York Times, the USA has a continually-worsening opioid crisis, as of now. So, we are all desperate for an alternative like CBD.

CBD Successfully Helps with Anxiety, Depression and Sleep

Filmmaking also encompasses a lot of psychological pressures. As a filmmaker, you are basically the person in charge of and responsible for the movie’s result, the film crew members’ wellbeing, as well as nailing deadlines and fitting within the budget.

Balancing all of this and maintaining adequate relationships with everybody is extremely stressful and requires a lot of energy. Such an intense lifestyle can lead to the development of various personality disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Here is where CBD is a great option for a well-rounded treatment approach. First of all, CBD protects your brain. Although stress can be good for your brain, as seen on the BBC, in big amounts it irreversibly damages your brain cells. CBD has proven over the course of numerous studies to protect brain cells.

Secondly, CBD has also shown to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety. Meaning that with CBD, you are more collected and ready to deal with problems that constantly arise during production.

This, in turn, eliminates such negative effects as sleep deprivation and eating disorders, which makes filmmakers more energized when approaching filmmaking. This is an incredibly important point because anxiety and depression can lead to even more dangerous chronic illnesses like cancer.

CBD Boosts Creativity

Last but not the least, the filmmaker as a profession is a purely creative position. Of course, creativity does not and cannot always flow consistently and abundantly. Creative slumps are especially prominent when you are under a lot of stress.

What CBD does in this aspect is that it introduces mental stability and balance of mind, thus, increasing creativity. Many indie filmmakers, as well as professional filmmakers, have started using CBD during the past few years and reported to be feeling much better after introducing it into their routine.

Not only does it calm them down, but CBD also allows them to channel their creativity more easily. According to Forbes, creativity is an integral part of the film industry: without any inventiveness in the movies, films would not top the chart of the most important media.

What Is CBD and Where Can I Get It?

All of this buzz around CBD got you interested in what it actually is? CBDKyro has an in-depth article on what CBD is, where it comes from, and how it works: check it out here.

If you are a filmmaker that is interested in experiencing the benefits of CBD, then be sure to only buy CBD extracts from trusted companies. CBD comes in many forms with CBD oils being the most popular one. Here are the best and safest CBD oils available on the market, as seen on CoolThingsChicago.


The positive effects of CBD greatly improve the work of a lot of people, ranging from athletes to politicians to waiters. So, of course, the creative and very stressful field of filmmaking benefits by quite a lot from CBD: the viewers receive better films and the filmmakers stay healthy. It is a win-win situation.

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