TOWN (Jolie Darrow & Jack O’Keeffe/PHIT Comedy): 2017 Fringe review

town-phit-philly-fringeTOWN feels like a writer’s first draft.  Ultimately, nothing seems to be at stake.  Except, perhaps the soil which the professor never gets to expound upon, accompanied by shallow characterization that evokes nothing of substance.  They could live or die, you really don’t care.  Even at the end, it’s hard to grasp the overall meaning of the play, or to understand what happened and why.  Despite these obvious shortcomings in plot, character development and motivation, the brilliance of performance is commendable.  Using minimalistic props the actors rely upon narration and pantomime to set the stage.  Their chemistry and command of craft often has the audience rippling in laughter.  While the ghastly makeup of the grim reaper character is nothing short of memorable.

TOWN serves as a reminder that quality talent cannot compensate for a weakly woven narrative.  

[The Adrienne Theater Second Stage] September 13-17, 2017;

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