Party in Sketch: Diner en Blanc Philadelphia 2017

The White Party is an annual event held in a secret location, and this year it was held at Franklin Square. This gathering was started in Paris when a gentleman of the name Francois Pasquier invited a few friends to the park to have diner. They found it funny when they saw each other wearing white. Now this gathering is fashioned for the night, and the reflected light produces a glow around the event. It is the cultural offerings of Paris with its theater, art galleries, fashion, and spectacularly simple events which make it a creative center of the world. It was a place that artists sprang to for studios, cafes, and other artistic outlets.

This is the perfect chance for stylists to try new modes of expression. Performing in a way Diner en Blanc guests are painting the scene. It is like going abroad and seeing how people from around the world live. The idea of Paris as a magical place where the streets are filled with interesting people amidst the history sparks our imagination of an intellectual society. The theme is to recapture the novelty of Paris as elegantly and simply as possible. The wonder at Diner en Blanc in Philadelphia is how participants play a part in changing the space. This site-specific interaction is nonchalant and activates open space within the city. The State of affairs in 1980, Paris was mixed with immigrants from all over the world. Diner en Blanc captures the imagination of a busy Parisian street left of the Seine river.

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The dinner builds anticipation and before the secret location is revealed the image of Diner En Blanc through the years retells the story of the City of Light. It pops up all over the globe, and it gathers attention as guests meet in an intentionally wearing the same thing- white. Similar is the Task Party by a Contemporary artist named Oliver Herring. Much like Diner en Blanc the ideas from artists that attend Task performances show ingenuity and open the floor for anything possible. White is not just a color, the absent of color, and with creativity comes equality. The serendipity in showing up at an undisclosed location until the last minute welcomes this creativity that brings a performance among groups of people.

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Annual napkin waving the start of Diner en Blanc

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