Phindie’s Best of 2016: Our most-read articles of the past year

best-of-2016With America’s return to Greatness under the leadership of one of its best-loved business leaders, Britain’s liberation from the tyrannical rule of the European Union, the long-awaited liberation of Aleppo, and the ascension of many beloved celebrities—no: heroes—to the glories of everlasting peace, the wonders of 2016 will be sorely missed. Sigh. But among all these historic joys, Phindie continued its march as the leading site for independent coverage of Philadelphia theater and arts.

Here are the articles published in 2016 which you loved the most.

Overall impressions

Theater reviews

Reviews of Philadelphia theater remain Phindie’s chief contribution to local arts reporting. Here were our most popular of 2016.


Phindie provides in-depth coverage of local arts with interviews of creators and practitioners.



 From the archives

All of the above lists feature our articles published in 2016. Here are the previously published pieces which remained popular in the last year.

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