Philadelphia Theater Calendar March 2017

The Enchanted by Jean Giraudoux. February 7–March 5, 2017. Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium at Walnut Street Theatre Studio 5, 825 Walnut Street. $25. Tickets.

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. February 8-March 4, 2017. Curio Theatre Company at the Calvary Center for Culture and Community, 4740 Baltimore Avenue. $15-$25.

Leper & Chip by Lee Coffey. February 15-March 5, 2017. Inis Nua Theatre Company at Louis Bluver Theatre at The Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street.

Shitheads by Douglas Williams. February 22-March 12, 2017. Azuka Theatre at the Proscenium Theatre at The Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street. PAY WHAT YOU WANT.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. February 28-March 5, 2017. Academy of Music, 240 S. Broad Street. $20-$110.

Matt& (improv). March 2, 2017. 8:30PM. Good Good Comedy Theatre, 215 N. 11th Street. $5.

A Winter Sort of Thing. March 2-5, 2017. Yes! And… Collaborative Arts at Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center, 7 Lock Street (Manayunk)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. March 2–April 9, 2017. Arden Theatre Company, 40 N. 2nd Street. $15-$50.

Suddenly Last Summer by Tennesse Williams. March 3-19, 2017. Old Academy Players. 3540 Indian Queen Lane. $15.

The Lyons by Nicky Silver. March 5–April 2, 2017. Isis Productions at Walnut Street Theatre Studio 5, 825 Walnut Street. $15-$25. Tickets.

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare. March 9-April 16, 2017. Lantern Theater Company, 923 Ludlow Street. $10-$45.

It’s So Learning. March 10-17, 2017. The Berserker Residents at FringeArts, 140 N. Columbus Boulevard. $14-$20.

Electoral Dysfunction.  March 11, 2017. Produced by Tom Brennan and Amanda Nicastro at  The PHIT, 2030 Sansom Street.

The WitnessesMarch 12, 2017. Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium at L’Etage Cabaret, 624 S. 6th Street. FREE. Tickets

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. March 14–April 30, 2017. Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut Street. $20-$85.

Ironbound by Martyna Majok. March 15-April 2, 2017. Simpatico Theatre at Louis Bluver Theatre at The Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street. $15-$30.

Love’s Labor’s Lost by William Shakespeare. March 15-April 21, 2017. Quintessence Theatre Group at Sedgwick Theater, 7137 Germantown Avenue. $15-$34.

Untitled by Inua Ellams. March 13, 2017. Inis Nua Theatre Company at the Louis Bluver Theater at the Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street. $10.

Are We There Yet? Just A Little Father (Hood Cabaret) by Ben Dibble. March 17-18, 2017. Arden Theatre Company at Studio Theatre at the Hamilton Family Arts Center, 62 N. 2nd Street. $30-$200.

‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore by John Ford. March 20, 2017. Philadelphia Artists Collective at Broad Street Ministry, 315 S. Broad Street. FREE.

The King and I by Rodgers and Hammerstein. March 22-April 2, 2017. Academy of Music, 240 S. Broad Street. $20-$110.

Adapt by Bianca Zizka. March 22-April 22, 2017. Wilma Theater, 265 S. Broad Street. $10-$45.

Tribulation Periwinkle: Civil War Nurse by Louisa May Alcott. March 24-26, 2017. Ebeneezer Maxwell Mansion, 200 W. Tulpehocken Street. $25-$30.

The Broken Heart by John Ford. March 29-April 23, 2017. Quintessence Theatre Group at Sedgwick Theater, 7137 Germantown Avenue. $15-$34.

Parrot Talk by Julius Ferraro. March 31-April 2; April 28-30, 2017. Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine St. $10-$15,

Road Show by Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman. March 31-April 2, 2017. 11th Hour Theatre Company at Christ Church Neighborhood House, 20 N American Street. $19-$34.

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Philadelphia theater calendar

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