WITH FLINT AND STEEL (duende): 2016 Fringe review 85

Excerpted by kind permission from thINKingDANCE.

Photo by Bill Hebert
Photo by Bill Hebert

Open Space is a white box just off of 7th and Girard. It’s about twice as long as it is wide, seemingly ex-commercial, with few embellishments except for acoustic panels installed in the ceiling. Tonight, the space is shaped gently by a marimba, a drum set, a cello, and a few tapestries and pillows arranged on the ground for seating.

WITH FLINT AND STEEL, this year’s Fringe offering by experimental music and dance group duende, consists of seven separate pieces, each by a different choreographer. These pieces blend tail-to-mouth: though there are distinctions between them, specific explorations which ebb and flow, it is not always clear where one ends and one begins, so the 45-minute evening feels like a series of acts in a single, unified performance. Read the full review on thINKingDANCE >>>

[Open Space, 1014 N. Marshall Street] September 16, 2016; fringearts.com/with-flint-and-steel/.

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