Philly’s Kinda Cool: Episode 1

Phindie editor Christopher Munden will be a cohost of Philly’s Kinda Cool, a show on the new community radio station WPPM 106.5. Headed by local actor and musician Bastian Cummings, Philly’s Kinda Cool will play local music and talk local happenings and bullshit. Chris will tell stories and present a weekly roundup of theater and performing arts. Here’s the online-only pilot with music by Yolanda Wisher & The Quick Fixx, Johnny Showcase & The Mystic Ticket, and Sebastian.

Local musicians should submit songs to

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Christopher Munden

Your faithful correspondent and publisher Christopher Munden has written and edited for many publications, websites, and cultural institutions. He was an editor/publisher of the Philly Fiction book series, collections of short stories written by local writers and set in Philadelphia. He's also a soccer coach and a pretty good skier.