Wild Bunch in Wild Punch in Kensington

Rosenberg, McIlvain, and Wilson, a wild bunch

California transplant John Rosenberg opened the Papermill Theater in an old (you guessed it) paper mill in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia in 2010. Since then, it’s been host a number of entertaining productions by his own company, Hella Fresh Theatre, including a recent collaboration with nearby Walking Fish Theatre on a short play festival. For its newest production, Hella Fresh joins forces with SmokeyScout Productions to present Wild Punch, a  combined experience of theater and dance.

Wild Punch features three pieces: Automated Fault Isolation, a new play by Rosenberg, is a dark romance set in 1950s Alabama about a Southern high school girl and a carpetbagger soldier. Waiting for the Boss, an original piece by SmokeyScout co-founder Josh McIlvain (recent works include Deer Head at the 2011 Fringe Festival and 2010′s Merry F***ing Christmas), is  a comedic drama about coworkers who care nothing for each other but are stuck together nonetheless. Rounding out the performances, and bringing to Wild Punch a diverse interdisciplinary touch, is Graceful Frustrated Expletive, an original dance work created and performed by Annie Wilson, a founding member of thePink Hair Affair who has worked with many of Philadelphia’s leading choreographers.

Wild Punch performances run Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm through November 26th, 2011. VisitSmokeyScout.com for more information and to reserve tickets ($10).

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